Friday, September 26, 2008

Dive of Death

Did anyone else watch this?  This guy got on prime time television and this was the "exciting conclusion!?"  This was unbelievably lame and embarrassing to watch.  I get frustrated that this guy gets all this publicity built up to do what I could go to the local climbing wall and watch someone do.  
To sum this up in one word, "Reallyfreakinlame!!"


WendyJ said...

Steven, didn't realize you had a blog. I've added you guys to our blogroll. We watched some of this special on TV, but didn't wait around for the dive. Lame.

katherine said...

Yea you guys have a blog! Hey Steven it's cool to see what you and your wife are up to. I'm gonna pass the link to Carly. He's still in Utah and really enjoying himself. Take care!
BTW David Blaine stinks, very lame trick.