Monday, September 21, 2009

All in a year!

Since moving to Kansas City a lot has happened! The following list is not all inclusive.
  • We are expecting a baby girl in January
  • We bought a house
  • We are both have good jobs
  • We have a made a trip to Ireland with my parents
  • We had have had 5 visitors from Ireland stay with us
  • We have been able to celebrate two birthdays with Jeff
  • We had our 4th wedding anniversary
  • We bought another car
  • We have learned to make bread
  • We started a food storage
  • We went to see the Killers and Beck
  • We went to a family reunion
  • We have helped others
  • Others have help us
  • We made all new friends
  • We have gone to the Winter Quarters temple and the Saint Louis temple
  • We were here when it was announced that there would be a temple in Kansas City
  • We are learning new grilling/smoking techniques
  • We are familiar faces at the hardware stores
  • We made our house a home
  • We are having fun!

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